We partner with 3 of the top US specialty importers to bring certified organic and sustainable teas and herbs from all over the world.  Our strong sourcing partnerships have evolved over the past 8+ years allowing us to tap into the direct personal relationships they’ve created with strategically selected growers.  Our suppliers share in our same goals of advanced sanitary agricultural practices and clean processing methods.


Our Signature tea is a combination of two different black tea varietals. The bulk of the blend is a single origin black tea sourced from the Strathern Tea Estate in India known for their sustainable cultivation and agricultural practices.  This particular tea gives a bold upfront flavor while the remainder of the blend is from the tea forests of the Lamdong highlands in Vietnam.  The addition of this particular tea along with a hint of bergamot gives our Signature tea its smooth and bright finish without the lingering astringent notes commonly found in traditional iced tea

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All paper products, plastics and glass are recycled through the city’s recycling program. From materials used for blending, brewing, packing – almost everything is recyclable or compostable.

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Our teas are fully compostable and help plants suppress disease with beneficial organisms such as bacteria, yeast or fungi and reduce the need for fertilizers.  Our teas help improve plant growth and uptake of nutrients while increasing the plant’s nutritional quality.


Our office walls are covered in reclaimed wood from pallets that housed large bags of tea and other materials needed for production.


Our Hibiscus tea contains organic hibiscus cultivated in Egypt and certified by CCOF, the only certifier that provides both premier organic certification and full service trade association supporting education, outreach and political advocacy.  Additionally, we blend in organic Lemon Myrtle from the subtropical rainforests of Queensland, Australia giving this tea a tart, citrusy & vibrant profile.  Lastly, to give the cup a well-rounded flavor, we include stevia leaf to provide the perfect amount of sweetness.


Our facility is equipped with LED Ultra-Efficient Lighting which is 50% or more efficient than traditional tube lighting, has 40% longer life cycle and enhanced light quality while putting out ½ as much heat


For deliveries, we use a Honda Element for several reasons: it is certified LEV (Low-Emissions Vehicle) and gets 25 MPG with all wheel drive which ensures that regardless of the ever-changing Colorado weather, your tea will be delivered.

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