A Letter from the Founders

Nearly 9 years ago, Ryan and I set out on a journey with little direction but guided by a light of inspiration to do something different and have a positive impact on the community.  Tea has been around for thousands of years, yet none of the products or brands within the industry truly resonated with us and our lifestyle.   It’s in those moments of disconnect from people and products where opportunity exists and what ultimately led to the creation of Teakoe.   To say we had it all figured out from the beginning would be the fallacy of the decade, but our dedication and relentless pursuit to improve everyday would allow us to grow and learn from our mistakes.   For anyone who has taken that leap of faith, you know it’s a very humbling experience while at the same time, it shows your true colors in moments of triumph and tribulation.

Thankfully, we’ve been surrounded by amazing people who have shown support every step of the way.  Without our dedicated staff, patient families and loyal fans we would not make it through the daily grind or sleepless nights.  Over the years; all the blood, sweat and tears have been about us paying our dues and showing a commitment to the ingenuity upon which American craftsmanship was established.

Progress has led us to this moment and we could not be more excited about our next endeavor.  Fueled by transparency and authenticity, we are determined to shift the paradigm within the tea industry.  It all starts with our passionate people, the pride we take in our products and the purpose-driven process we’ve developed to showcase that craftsmanship is alive and well!  We hope our story offers up some inspiration for those looking to pave their own path, after all… Teakoe is made for Movers, Shakers & Makers!

Never stop hustling,

Pete Jokisch & Ryan Peterson

Teakoe co-founders

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